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Auction to benefit Improvements and Food Pantry

Saturday, August 17th at 3pm gather around the Chainsaw Demonstration site to bid on carvings and Bucky the large rocking horse. Throughout the Fair, Log Hoggers Chainsaw Carvers will be demonstrating their skills and creating large works of art for the auction. In addition, a large rocking horse was donated to the fairgrounds for auction this year. Nicknamed Bucky, the auction proceeds from the Rocking Horse will benefit the Dodge County Food Bank.

Bucky the Rocking Horse Auction

Auction proceeds from the Rocking Horse will benefit the Dodge County Food Bank

Have you spotted these Chainsaw Carvings proudly displayed at homes throughout Dodge County? They make a great addition to your outdoor space or at the front porch to greet visitors. The proceeds benefit Fairgrounds Improvements and fund activities during the Dodge County Fair.

The Rocking Horse named Bucky measures 18″ wide across the chest and is 33″ tall overall. Handcrafted and made of sturdy wood it’s built to last for years and pass down to future generations. Some adults can sit and rock easily plus children will love him. So be sure to come and bid to win this gorgeous and unique Rocking Horse!

Do you have a carving request? Post a comment below or talk with the artists at the demonstration site. Your suggestion could be included in the auction items!

Attend the Dodge County Fair Aug 14th to 18th to share in all the special events, activities and people!


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About Fair Assoc

The Dodge County Fair Association is a State of Wisconsin Corporation formed for the purpose of operating a fairgrounds, which is presently located four (4) miles east of the city of Beaver Dam on State Highway 33 on 40 acres of land, which the Corporation owns. The Association is an IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax-deductible contributions are appreciated to maintain buildings and grounds.


  1. Dave says:

    The gentleman that this done the carvings at the Dodge County Fair for the past 3 years is Dave Ferrell Out of Wisconsin Dells, and is not affiliated and never has been affiliated with Logg Hogger, as stated in the article.


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