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Davison Sweeps on Emergency Starting and Towing Night

Russ Davison earned his first clean sweep of the season Sunday night on EST night at the races. The Tim Paitrick Transmission Street Stocks started the feature with a four way race to the front as Russ Davison led by lap 1, as the first caution came out with multiple cars together in turns 4. On the restart Davison kept the lead as James Fletcher moves into 2nd on lap 3 followed by Phillip Wuesthoff. Michael Held, recovering from the earlier mishap overtakes Wuesthoff for position on lap 4 and sets his sights on Fletcher. The next 4 circuits saw Fletcher & Held put on quite a show with side by side racing as they battle for 2nd spot. Held used the bottom line on lap 8 and power into 2nd as Davison started to pull away from the field. On lap 10 Davison saw his cushion go away as the yellow flag flew, tightening up the field. With 5 laps to go Davison raced out front and took the checkered flag followed by Held & Chris Prust. Heat winners were Davison & Chad Hummelmeier.

United Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods saw Jack Jones & Jeff Schmuhl battle for the lead the first 2 laps until contact was made between the leaders, ending Schmuhls night & bringing out the lone caution. Colten Van Hierden inherited the top spot on the restart followed by Brekken Kleinschmidt & Bob Mann. On lap 4 Kleinschmidt was putting the heat on Mann trying the high side to no avail. The next time by using the low groove Kleinschmidt takes over 2nd spot. Van Hierden continues to pull away and goes on to win followed by Kleinschmidt & Mann. Heat winners were Schmuhl & Kleinschmidt.

The Performance Motorsports IMCA Modified took to the track with Tim Lemirande getting the early lead as Jeremy Christians & Mike Mueller battle behind. Christians powers his way using the outer groove on lap 3 to move out front as a caution falls next time around as Mueller spins. On the restart Christians holds the top spot followed by Lemirande & Jay Schraufnagel powering into 3rd spot. By lap 7 Dan Roedl weaved his way up on Schraufnagel’s rear bumper and started putting the pressure on. Schraufnagel showed he had the upper line working as time and again Roedl tried the low side of the track with Schraufnagel getting the edge. On lap 12 runner up Lemirande was forced to retire his night with mechanical problems. The final laps saw Christians feeling the heat from Schraufnagel, Roedl and Mike Mueller surging back into the picture with tight racing on the track. Christians hung on to win followed by Roedl & Schraufnagel. Heat winners were Christians & Roedl.

The Daizy Sweeps Grand Nationals started the final feature of the evening with John Stanton leading the first lap followed by Aaron Streblow and all three of the Richards crew. On lap 5 Streblow spins bringing out the only caution as Kenny Richards left the track. Jeff Richards went on to win as Streblow worked his way back up to second followed by Larry Richards. Heat winners were Larry & Jeff Richards.

There will be a 2 week break for the fair with racing to resume on August 30th.

More information about local racing on the Horsepower Half Mile at http://www.dodgecountyspeedwaywi.com/

Photos by Leader Photography

IMCA Modified – A-Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 7 99X Jeremy Christians Horicon , Wi 39
2 6 33X Dan Roedl Beaver Dam, Wi 38
3 8 10S Jay Schraufnagel 37
4 5 3M Mike Mueller Fond Du, Wi 36
5 4 27 Frank Firari Juneau , Wi 35
6 2 5X Tim Lemirande Middleton , Wi 34
7 9 0 Scottie Hatton Clyman , Wi 33
8 3 89 Adam Reed Rubicon , Wi 32
9 1 95 Jeff Bodendorfer Jr Waterford , Wi 31
IMCA Sport Modified – A-Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 5 66C Colten Van Hierden Beaver Dam, Wi 38
2 3 103 Brekken Kleinschmidt North Fond, Wi 37
3 6 19M Bob Mann Juneau , Wi 36
4 1 12T Tim Thrun 35
5 7 54 Justin Lueck Oakfield , Wi 34
6 2 17J Jack Jones Rio , Wi 33
7 4 11S Jeff Schmuhl Fall River, Wi 32
8 8 75 Raymond Davis Theresa , Wi 31
Street Stock – A-Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 7 68 Russ Davison Horicon , Wi 40
2 3 77H Michael Held Hustisford , Wi 39
3 10 21P Chris Prust Beaver Dam, Wi 38
4 4 75F James Fletcher Burnett , Wi 37
5 6 99 Phillip Wuesthoff Beaver Dam, Wi 36
6 2 76H Jeremy Hallmeyer Randolph , Wi 35
7 9 27 Larry Pesch 34
8 1 22 Tim Tiedt Fond Du, Wi 33
9 5 55K Jesse Krahn Beaver Dam, Wi 32
10 8 33H Chad Hummelmeier Beaver Dam, Wi 31
Grand National – A-Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 3 10R Jeff Richards Montello , Wi 37
2 5 38S Aaron Streblow Waupun , Wi 36
3 6 11R Larry Richards Montello , Wi 35
4 2 27S John Stanton Reeseville , Wi 34
5 1 29X Jay Schaalma Juneau , Wi 33
6 7 9R Kenny Richards Montello , Wi 32
7 4 7A Todd Ascherien Beaver Dam, Wi 31
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