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FREE Netwurx WIFI Internet at Dodge County Fair

Modern day technology is back again at the Dodge County Fair this year with WIFI Internet Service by Netwurx.  Send messages to friends and family, share pictures and update your status all while enjoying the Fair.

The proximity of cellular towers to the Fairgrounds does not support the large crowds and increased use of smartphones and web enabled devices. Several people have reported issues with both data and cellular service which prompted the Fair Association to contact service providers for options.  Inquiries were sent to major cellular companies and they would not support a temporary or permanent option for increased service.  It was a local internet company, Netwurx that came to the rescue last year and has added technology to it’s service again this year!

Netwurx built a state of the art on site network for attendees, vendors and exhibitors.  Basic WIFI service is free to all fairgoers in specific HotSpot Zones with web enabled devices after accepting the terms and conditions in their web browser.  High bandwidth services for vendors will be available for purchase through the Netwurx splash page on-site. During peak times, contact friends and loved ones by instant messaging over the Netwurx WIFI if the cellular signal is overloaded.

Rural broadband internet continues to be a challenge for agriculture and businesses that rely on information from the outside world to conduct day to day operations.  Farmers monitor markets for commodity prices and check the weather radar daily.  Businesses need internet service for ordering supplies, social media and ecommerce.  Rural communities need high speed internet to stay competitive and learn about new technologies – The future of our youth depends on it!

Netwurx has recently installed new equipment in Dodge County.  Netwurx is always looking for sites to expand it’s coverage throughout Dodge County.    If you’re in the market for reliable broadband internet service and would like to do business with a local trusted company please give Netwurx a call at 1-800-NETWURX (638-9879)

Netwurx is a Wisconsin based, owned and operated business located in North Lake, WI.


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About Fair Assoc

The Dodge County Fair Association is a State of Wisconsin Corporation formed for the purpose of operating a fairgrounds, which is presently located four (4) miles east of the city of Beaver Dam on State Highway 33 on 40 acres of land, which the Corporation owns. The Association is an IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax deductible contributions are appreciated to maintain buildings and grounds.


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