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Open Class Exhibitor Special Award Listing

Dairy Products 

Best of Show

Widmer’s Cheese, 2 year cheddar 

Flowers and Houseplants 

Best of Show

Sally Ebert

Big Sky Green House Awards

  1. Karen Tietz
  2. Elaine Mullin
  3. Nicole Perkins 

Crops, Fruits, and Vegetables

Jung’s $15 – Gwen Soldner

Jung’s $20 – Judy Steger

Jung’s $20 – Jamie Schmidt

Keil Award – Sara Gaska

Keil Award – Cathie Bohl


Special Merit

  1. Ross Wagner, extracted honey

Cultural Arts

  1. Nick Schultz, work of water colors or tempera
  2. Terry Doerr, other cultural art 


Special Merits

  1. Cathy Drexler, Wild Animals
  2. Samantha Zander, Black and White Country/Farm Scenes
  3. Samantha Zander, Farm Scenes
  4. Bob Hansen, Nature Scenery


Red Star Awards

  1. Apron – Joan Hella, Rye Bread
  2. Oven mitt – Joan Hella, White Bread
  3. Scraper – Sharon Loosen, Sweet Rolls, unfrosted

Special Merits 

  1. Amber Yelk – cupcakes, frosted
  2. Linda Zastrow – Nationality cookies
  3. Beverly Karst – Refrigerator cookies
  4. Dorothy Nehring – Fudge
  5. Shannon Desjarlais-Caine – Birthday Cake

Food Preservation Awards 

Wilton Awards 

  1. Jacki Roche, Anniversary Cake
  2. Shannon Desjarlais-Caine, Birthday Cake
  3. Kloie Goetsch, Holiday Cake
  4. Mary Haecker, Cupcakes

Best Exhibit

  1. Shanon Desjarlais-Caine


Special Merits 

  1. Elizabeth Larson, children’s clothing for special occasions
  2. Georgia Henken, child’s garment
  3. Renee Wendlandt, large tote
  4. Renee Wendlandt, accessories

Knitting and Crocheting 

Special Merits

  1. Jen Mullins-Skalitzky, doll in all crocheted
  2. Ruth Ebert, hand-knitted cap and scarf set
  3. Joanne Tyjeski, knitted child’s sweater
  4. Dawn Meinhardt, any other crocheted item

Home Furnishings

Special Merits

  1. Ruth Ebert, Creative Stitchery of Original Design
  2. Lyndsey Christenson, Any Other Home Furnishing
  3. Renee Wendlandt, Other Holiday Item July-December
  4. Vicki Marshall, Paper Crafting

Senior Citizens

Special Merits

  1. Terry Doerr, Jewelry
  2. Steve Schmidt, Woodworking article for use out of doors
  3. Maynard Navis, Woodworking article of creative design
  4. Paula Anderson, Knit scarf, mittens, or hat set
  5. Dawn Regan, Wall hanging or picture
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About Fair Assoc

The Dodge County Fair Association is a State of Wisconsin Corporation formed for the purpose of operating a fairgrounds, which is presently located four (4) miles east of the city of Beaver Dam on State Highway 33 on 40 acres of land, which the Corporation owns. The Association is an IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax-deductible contributions are appreciated to maintain buildings and grounds.


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