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Dodge County Fair junior registration available online

Memories made by 4-H and FFA youth exhibiting at the county fair are irreplaceable. The friendships these kids make last a lifetime, and the knowledge and leadership skills gained develop them into outstanding future professionals. On April 19, 2017, Dodge County Fair junior exhibitor registration begins for 480 4-H families and numerous FFA organizations throughout the county.

As in the past, families should use the Blue Ribbon online junior fair entry program accessible on the Dodge County Fair Website under the heading menu; Dodge County Fair, Exhibitor Info, Junior Fair Exhibits. Each junior fair exhibitor can register 20 exhibits, and the hard deadline is 11:59 p.m. on June 10, 2017.

New this year: The junior fair book is available online — also via the Dodge County Fairgrounds Website. There’s a separate tab for each project department, and it’s easily accessible to all those interested in exhibiting at the junior fair.

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“Previously, the fair book was printed every three years,” noted Marie Witzel, Dodge County UW-Extension 4-H youth development educator. “In addition to issues with outdated information from year to year, our challenge, recently, was we had to come up with some ideas for budget cuts in our office; after a 4-H-family survey and a lot of discussion, it was decided to join most of the other counties in the state and offer our fair book online.”

“Families have already been entering junior fair exhibits online for several years,” noted Tracy Malterer, Dodge County UW-Extension 4-H youth development program support staff, “so, bringing the fair book online, too, will allow for everything to be in the same place.” The fair’s Website is responsive, so families can easily view the fair book from a computer or handheld, and the judging schedule is posted online, as well.

“More than 630 youth exhibited at the fair last year through 4-H, FFA, and the Dodge County Junior Holstein Association,” noted Malterer. “The kids learn life skills: communication skills from conversations with the judges; sportsmanship and cooperation from working with others; responsibility; and ideas for future exhibits,” added Witzel.

Click here to go directly to the Junior Fair Exhibitor information page

Pre-fair events have already begun: The 4-H Demonstration Contest was in March; the county 4-H Dog Show is June 10; the 4-H Clothing Revue is June 27; the 4-H Foods Revue is June 28; and the county 4-H Horse Show is the weekend before the fair.

The Dodge County Fair is scheduled for Aug. 16-20, 2017.

Written by Dori Lichty — farm wife, 4-H Mom, and full-time communicator

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