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Dodge County Fair opens with Badger State Tractor Pull

Badger State Tractor Pull (BSTP) will join the Dodge County Fair evening lineup on Wednesday, August 16 at 7:00 pm.  The sights and sounds of the tractor pull will add a new kind of unique entertainment to the Fair this year. Concerts are scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of the Fair.

Chris Feller, based out of Waterloo, owner of Sussek Machine Company, is excited to help organize this inaugural event at the Dodge County Fair lineup.  This is something that Feller has been attempting to do for more than five years.  Feller says, “The BSTP event at the Dodge County Fair is the first and will include two tracks, which is unique.  This means there will be more ongoing action and our group will bring top-notch national competitors, too”. Feller notes that many members of the Badger State Tractor Pullers are among the best in the nation and compete very well nationally.  Many are also members of the popular Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

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Most of the approximately seventy competitors will travel from all areas of Wisconsin and the Midwest, which could include Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.  The exciting lineup will include Pro Stock tractors, Limited Pro Stock tractors, 540 Lite Pro tractors, Super Farm tractors, Light Limited Super Stock tractors, and Limited Pro Diesel trucks.

Feller and the Friedrichs family will participate in the Limited Pro Stock class with the “Wild Buck” tractor and pulling team.  Feller has been tractor pulling for more than ten years and was introduced to the sport after helping Jim Friedrichs, who has been pulling nearly fourty years. As a hobby, Feller builds pulling tractors, helps promote events, competes with his tractors and has nearly completed a Pro Stock tractor for debut later this year. He remarked that by the time the tractors are on display at the event that they are “more than a tractor”.  He noted that pullers are very competitive and are excited about what they are doing and that tractor pulling is a very technical sport.

This family-friendly event will be exciting for all that attend and there is something for everyone.  Feller notes “This is a good match. There is good food in Beaver Dam.”  Attendees can kick back, relax and enjoy refreshments and good food while watching the pull.

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At the end of each calendar year, the Badger State Tractor Pullers uses portions of their ‘points fund’ to donate proceeds to the American Family Children’s Hospital. This is made possible by donations, raffles and merchandise sales. In the last sixteen years, BSTP has donated more than $492,000 to American Family Children’s Hospital and St. Jude to help find cures for children with cancer.

Article by Jamie Adcock author of runningdivamom.com and sunprairiemom.com
Photo by Power and Noise Photography

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