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2019 Junior Fair Club and Chapter Judging Results

Club/Chapter – Booths – Club/Chapter Booth

1st – Achievers 4-H Club, Achievers

1st – Astico Perseverance 4-H Club, Astico Perseverance

1st – Herman Hornets 4-H Club, Herman Hornets

1st – Hyland Prairie, Hyland Prairie

1st – Juneau Victorians 4-H Club, Juneau Victorians

1st – Lakeside 4-H Club, Lakeside

1st – Lebanon Luckies 4-H Club, Lebanon Luckies

1st – Leipsic 4-H Club, Leipsic

1st – LomiraClover Leaves 4-H Club, Lomira Clover Leaves

1st – Neosho Utopians 4-H Club, Neosho Utopians

1st – River Oaks 4-H Club, River Oaks

1st – Sinissippi 4-H Club, Sinissippi

1st – Trenton Highlights 4-H Club, Trenton Highlights

1st – TriCounty Twisters 4-H Club, Tri-County Twisters

1st – Hustisford FFA, Hustisford FFA

Club/Chapter – Flower Planter – Club/Chapter Planter

– Astico Perseverance 4-H Club, Astico Perseverance

– Leipsic 4-H Club, Leipsic

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About Fair Assoc

The Dodge County Fair Association is a State of Wisconsin Corporation formed for the purpose of operating a fairgrounds, which is presently located four (4) miles east of the city of Beaver Dam on State Highway 33 on 40 acres of land, which the Corporation owns. The Association is an IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax-deductible contributions are appreciated to maintain buildings and grounds.


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