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Commercial Space

Meet thousands of potential customers at the Dodge County Fair in Beaver Dam, WI.  The annual Fair runs August 15-19, 2018 and draws over 52,000 attendees annually.  Exhibit your business or products to a multitude of great people from your area and beyond who attend the Dodge County Fair. The details of space rental and pricing are available online by viewing the Commercial Space and Vendor Information letter (2018 to be posted mid-February).  Reserve space today and complete an online application.

Any possible questions just e-mail [email protected] or post a reply at the bottom of this page in the comments section.  Vendor space is sold and coordinated by Don & Mary Jane Fabisch for the Dodge County Fair Association.

Come join the fun and meet a lot of great Fairgoers as well as other Exhibitors already here!

Send or Email Information to:
Don & Mary Jane Fabisch, Space Managers
P.O. Box 654
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Phone: (920) 296-4324
[email protected]

Check back for updates and additional information!


  1. Katherine T says:

    My husband and I recently started a photo booth business based here in Beaver Dam. We were wondering if setting up our booth at the Dodge County Fair this year would be an option. We don’t want to book any other events in the days of the fair in case it is something that we would be able to do. Also, if it would work for us to set it up there, we were also wondering if we would be able to take the portable booth home with us each day, but leave the tent it would go under up the whole time. Our booth is quite expensive and includes a computer and touch screen monitor and we are just not comfortable leaving that type of equipment outside over night without us being there. If you would be able to let me know what we would and would not be able to do it will help us to decide if it is something to consider. We would love to be apart of the fair, especially since it is in our home town.
    Thank you.

    • Mary Jane Fabisch says:

      Yes we have corresponded with our e-mail and information—sounds like a terrific idea and opportunity to reach alot of people. Welcome Mary Jane

  2. Nicole B says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you had a Paparazzi Accessories rep last year? If you did not I would love to have a spot at the 2014 fair. Paparazzi Accessories is a company that is only 3 years old. I sell $5 accessories that are all lead and nickle free. The accessories include earrings, bracelets, necklace and earrings combos, rings, headbands and hair clips. I would also really appreciate an indoor spot. Thank you for your time,

  3. Diane Anderson says:

    Hi I do need 3 spaces again for the scrubby queen and tastefully simple. Can’t wait.

  4. Looking to set up a tent/stand in a 10 x 10 foot area to sell our new product line “Skill Pong” that is being released nationally in spring. Please let us know what costs would be and if we have to be actively set-up for the entire duration of fair hours each day.

    • Thanks for inquiring about attending our fair; yes we do have Commercial Space in our Large Tents for such promoting and selling of products. The 10 X 10 ft Space w/backdrops/curtains & electricity included would be $185; more available if needed. We do have booths that need to be attended to each day of the Fair from 10AM to 10PM except for Sunday till 6:PM or there are Display booths that look the same in one section that is always walked thru by Fairgoers as well, they need only be maintained daily and secured for their appearance. Well we can discuss further as we communicate further.
      Good Day.
      Mary Jane Fabisch, Space Manager DODGE COUNTY FAIR Aug. 14th to 18th

  5. Yvonne McGilvary says:

    We are Mrs.B’s Nacho Cheese and sell the Ultimate Nachos and tacos. We would like to know the cost of space for a 25 ft trailer plus electricity for 80 amps and water. Also do you have onsite camping available. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Yvonne McGilvary

    • I am Mary Jane Fabisch one of the Space Managers for the Dodge County Fair. The final rates will not be approved until after our annual meeting in February. Shortly after the rates and application will be ready and posted on this webpage. Yes, there is vendor camping which will have information in letter. Looking forward to speaking further with you on your menu and whether that is something needed in the food Concession of 2013 or we can keep app on file for the future as we do.. Thanks so much for asking Mary Jane


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