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Concert Seating

The Grandstand Entertainment is absolutely FREE !! All you pay is your gate admission to the fair! Seating is first come, first serve. There are no advance daily tickets or reserved seats.

Read the FAQ Page for information regarding lawn chairs on the track, blankets in the grandstand and where to line-up for the concerts.

Check back for additional information and updates!


  1. Tammy Freund-Mann says:

    I forgot to ask in my previous post; are those in handicapped seating allowed to have a caregiver with them, and he/she take a lawn chair in that specified area?

  2. Kris Dejanovich says:

    I see a VIP Section on the concert seating chart. How do you get access to that area? I have looked for tickets to the Bret Michaels concert but don’t see any for sale. Everything just says concert admission included with fair admission, first come first served??

  3. Tammy Mann says:

    Any areas available to wheelchairs and/or motorized scooters for those who are handicap, for the Brett Michaels concert?

  4. Michael Retzlaff says:

    How much are advance tickets and where can i get them at?

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