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Open Class Exhibitor Fair Book

Hundreds of Exhibitors from all over the state and all ages enter items in the Open Class Exhibits every year.  Printed copies are available at most banks throughout Dodge County, the Fair Office, Beaver Dam Piggly Wiggly and Rechek’s Food Pride.  The online version is a good reference for quick look-up or for printing extra entry sheets.  If you have any questions about entering items in the Open Class Exhibits please reply in the comments section below or call the superintendent for that area directly.

If you would prefer a PDF version please DOWNLOAD HERE and use the print dialog box to specify printing pages ##-## to just print extra entry pages if needed.


  1. Gillian I. says:

    I’m just curious, if I’m not living in the surrounding area can I enter an item in the open class? I used to enter in the junior fair but life moved me elsewhere. Kind of wanted to know if I could possibly enter seeing as I attend the fair every year even though I’m not young anymore. It’s a great fair and I wouldn’t miss it! Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Col Jon Rafel says:

    I have questions and suggestions that were discussed last year with the open class list of catagory entries. Specifically Open class metal work. Can someone reply to me before the fair book is printed? The catagories might be printed in if it agreed they are agrred on. Thank you.

  3. Col. Jon Rafel says:

    I am interested in adding a NEW class in the OPEN division of judging. There are several entries which would increase interest in metal work. I personally know of 3 persons who would happily enter in a metal work, metal restoration, metal class. Thank you.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Could I please get an entry form?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      Thanks for asking, you are a little early. Entry forms will be available early July. If you want to start working on your projects now use the prior year categories and guidelines, there are very few changes each year.

  5. Alydia V says:

    Could I please get the entry form? Thank you!


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