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Rides and Midway Information

Ride the Rides and Play Games on the Midway.  Lots of discount days to offer.  New and exciting rides each year for many ages.  Come and enjoy at the Dodge County Fair, Beaver Dam, WI.

Games & Rides by:
A&P Enterprise Shows

2017 AP Midway Carnival Specials

Check back for updates and additional information!


  1. Nicole Banes says:

    What time does the games and rides start each day?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      Thank you for asking, we get this question a lot. Rides open at 1 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 12 Noon all other days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The information is shown on the photo above for reference as well.

  2. How many kid rides will there be? Also how many tickets does each kid take?

  3. Norma says:

    Can you buy a wristband on Thursday or Saturday for rides? Those are the only 2 days I can go Thursday I have off work completely and Saturday I have to work at 4. So I would like to get wristband. But not seeing anything for Thursday or Saturday?

  4. Kathy says:

    Curious…when/what time chairs can be set up tomorrow? 7a, 8a…..? Thanks????

  5. Bobbi Bentz says:

    If I am just dropping off teenagers, do I still need to pay to get in?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      Other parents drop the kids at the gate before the ticket takers and they walk in through the parking lot. No, you will not have to pay as long as you drop them off before the ticket takers. Thank you for asking and taking the kids to the Fair.


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