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Flea Market

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What is the cost to rent a Flea Market and Craft Fair booth?

Booth spaces are $20 rent and collected the day of the event by a volunteer from Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue. Space sizes are usually 20′ x 20′ but not limited or measured, just please be respectful to other vendors and do not use more space than you need.  Online payment and pre-registration is now available, use the link on the event page for the date(s) you wish to set-up a booth at https://www.dodgecountyfairgrounds.com/events/category/flea-market/

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Do I need to reserve or register in advance as a Flea Market and Craft Fair vendor?

Vendors selling unique, handmade, vintage, antique, or collectibles need not register in advance … just show up the morning of the event, set-up starts at 6 AM. Spaces are first to come, the first pick but we have hundreds of booth spaces so no worries about running out of space, we have 75 acres of outdoor space and five large buildings for indoor booths.  We only permit one direct sales vendor from each company per event, please use the corresponding online registration form (separate form for each date) for payment and pre-registration to reserve your spot (form link on the event pages) at https://www.dodgecountyfairgrounds.com/events/category/flea-market/

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What items can be sold?

Virtually A to Z with a few limitations … We do not permit sales of firearms or weapons, alcohol, tobacco, and all other items with local, state, or federal regulation and licensing.  Food Vendors must get prior approval and provide a valid state license and proof of inspection.  Please ask in advance if there is any question regarding the items you plan to sell by email to the event coordinators Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue at [email protected]

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  1. Annette m Doty says:

    I am selling pre made popcorn under the cottage law, do i need anything special in order to do this?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      The Flea Market does not verify compliance with state and local regulations. Sellers must decide, based on the items sold and the volume of sales which regulations apply to their business or sales as an individual. Thank you for asking, have a great day!


    Is unloading for Flea Market Vendors close to their spaces?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      Great question … Yes, if indoors you can unload just outside the building then park nearby. If outdoors, most vendors park in the back part of the booth on the grass then set-up behind their car/truck like tailgating. Lots of room for everyone at the Fairgrounds!

  3. lois kauper says:

    I am selling rummage sale type items. Do i need to pre register

    • Fair Assoc says:

      No need to pre-register if you are selling thrift and rummage items. A volunteer from Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue will stop by your booth during the event to collect cash or check payment. Thank you for asking!


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