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General Questions

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Is there an ATM on the grounds?

Yes, there’s an ATM located under the Main Grandstand in the Space Managers Office for all events and several additional machines during the Dodge County Fair.

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Is overnight camping allowed at the Fairgrounds?

Following a major event we allow overnight parking so people are not driving home late at night. We are not equipped as a campground, the normal amenities might not be available. No fees will be collected besides your gate admission to the event. The only exception is during the County Fair when a parking pass must be purchased at the office and admission is collected daily. Feel free to contact us for more details. For a list of nearby campgrounds and hotels go to http://www.dodgecountyfairgrounds.com/about-us/lodging/

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Does the Fairgrounds have cell coverage for WiFi access?

The cellular data coverage at the fairgrounds is spotty at best.  Also, at times the WiFi from cell providers becomes very congested and poor.  That is why we reached out to Netwurx for a solution to this issue.

Special Note: The Netwurx Fixed Wireless WiFi solution has no negative affect on cell services.

See: Does the Fairgrounds have WIFI Internet available?

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Does the Fairgrounds have WIFI Internet available?

Yes, the following internet solutions are available:

General Fair WIFI is a FREE service available at all events. Information is available on many signs throughout the fairgrounds.

Netwurx HotSpot is a FREE premium WIFI service available for specific events at the following locations; 4H Youth Building, Junior Dairy Barn, Small Animal Building, and Farm Progress Arena.  Information is posted at each building for connecting your device.

Dedicated bandwidth services for vendors and exhibitors will be available for purchase. Only this option is designed for performing business type functions including; direct connectivity, streaming music for your booths, uploading business information, etc.

Dedicated Bandwith Services for booths.
There is limited availability, first come first served.
The price per device is $25.00 for the run of the Fair.  There are no discounts for late or add-on purchases.
Go To: pay.netwurx.net or call M-F 8-4pm Central Time 855-638-3856.
If you require access to a non-booth area…
Netwurx will need to determine if we can provide access once the Fair begins.

More information available at http://wp.me/p4dDDm-1ct

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How much does parking cost?

Parking anywhere on the fairgrounds is absolutely FREE. All you pay is your gate admission! Over 75 Acres of Parking…. PLENTY of Parking on the grounds!

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I need directions to the Fairgrounds, how do I go about mapping your location?

We do not hold a physical mailing address for GPS or mapping software.  Use the Google Maps Link http://goo.gl/maps/RUh3s to locate the Fairgrounds, print driving directions or load coordinates in your Smart Phone or GPS Device.  Press on the map picture using the Facebook mobile app facebook.com/dcfairwi and check-in on arrival to help your friends locate you nearby.

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  1. Martin McGuire says:

    Do you have dates for the fair in 2019 yet?


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