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Flea Market Photos May 21

Enjoy a look inside the Flea Market on May 21st, 2016 at the Dodge County Fairgrounds near Beaver Dam, WI. The Flea Market and Craft Fair near Beaver Dam WI continues to add new vendors and attendees each week. May 21st set another new record for the number of vendors. We welcome and encourage your comments!

Vintage Items turned Planters
Farm Scale and Wood Pulleys
Movie Projector re-purposed to Lamp
Antique Farmer display at the Flea Market
Antique Tractor Seat and Sign
Unlimited Vendor Space
Handmade Woodworking Crafts
Burlap Sacks and Wood Whiskey Barrel
Old Rusty Tools
Wood Soda Crates at the Flea Market
Outhouse Toilet Paper Dispenser
Unique Handmade Birdhouses
Steel Tonka Toys
Wagon Wheels a Milk Can and Grain Sacks
Flea Market Road Signs and Bench
Vintage Decor Door Bench
Handmade Kids Toolboxes
Vintage Decor at the Flea Market
Quote Painted Windows Decor
Horseshoe Door Vintage Decor
Vintage Signs and more
Hard to find tools
Handmade Timeout Stools for Kids
Vintage Collectibles
Oil Lamps at the Flea Market


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