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Open Class Exhibitor Fair Book

Hundreds of Exhibitors from all over the state and all ages enter items in the Open Class Exhibits every year.  Printed copies are available at most banks throughout Dodge County, the Fair Office, Beaver Dam Piggly Wiggly and Rechek’s Food Pride.  The online version is a good reference for quick look-up or for printing extra entry sheets.  If you have any questions about entering items in the Open Class Exhibits please reply in the comments section below or call the superintendent for that area directly.

If you would prefer a PDF version please DOWNLOAD HERE and use the print dialog box to specify printing pages ##-## to just print extra entry pages if needed.


  1. Deborah Klecker says:

    I already have a season pass purchased through my kids 4H group. Do I need to buy another one to enter open class?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      You will not need to purchase another pass, simply place a note in your entry envelope stating the situation. Sharon will verify with the UW Extension Office and you will use the 4H pass to enter the grounds all five days of the Fair. Thank you for being involved and participating in the Dodge County Fair!

  2. Bethany Crave says:

    When does the 2016 Entry Book come out?

  3. Ginger says:

    Can anyone show cats in the Open Class Exhibits or is it just for the 4H kids?

  4. Bethany says:

    Do you need to include a stamped envelope with your entry form to get the tags back?
    Also, do you need to fill in the entry no. blank? If so, what number do you use?

    • Fair Assoc says:

      You only need a self addressed stamped envelope if you want your tags and exhibitor tickets sent by mail. Most exhibitors pickup their tags and tickets at the Fair Office on Tuesday when they bring their entries for display. Depending on the number of entries you may need two or more stamps. Yes, please complete the division, class and premium number on the entry blanks. Example Flowers; G-19, 37, 3 would be for Snapdragons.


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